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Cathy McCrery-Cordle lives in the Western Sierra Foothills with her husband and two teenage children.  When her children were young, Cathy began noticing certain details in nature like blossoms on fruit trees and the way water beaded across leaves after it rained.  She began photographing these subjects, and experienced a growing sense of excitement and curiosity in photography.


In 2008, she purchased her first digital camera and began photographing flowers, dew drops, frosted leaves, etc.  She was often drawn to the smallest details in nature that she found so beautiful and her passion for photographing nature took off.


Learning photography was compelling and inspiring.  She attributes her growing skills from the study of books, magazines, websites and photo sharing sites. Cathy visits galleries, photography shows, and enjoys meeting and talking with working photographers.  She picked up her camera and began practicing what she learned and through trial, error, and perseverance, grew as a photographer. She believes that it is the collective body of exposure and practice that has allowed her to grow as a photographer.  She also believes that she is a “work in progress” and seeks opportunities to learn from the work and experiences of other photographers that continue to inspire her.


Cathy sells her work locally and is published in the anthology, “Sierra Wonders” by the Arts Alliance of Three Rivers.


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