Cathy McCrery-Cordle –


Artist’s Statement


Living in the Sierra foothills allows me to see wildlife and peaceful landscapes practically from my back door.  And while I enjoy photographing deer and the sun setting over rolling foothills scattered with oak trees, I find myself most often drawn to the tiny details of nature that might be easily overlooked.  When I notice a blade of grass, bejeweled with sparkling dew drops, I feel a sense of urgency to capture and preserve the beauty of the drops, for I know that they will soon drop from the blade of grass, or evaporate, and be forever gone.


When I photograph things like this, I am reminded of the preciousness of life and my connection to family and friends, realizing that on any given day, I might have to say, “goodbye…”


Therefore, I try to preserve the beauty I find in nature, through photography, knowing that “this moment, too shall pass.”  The urgency I feel connects me with a greater sense of the fragility of life and is reflected in my approach to photography.